Someone please give me something to do that does not involve convoluted theory. I think my lungs are really angry at me. I am sending good vibes to luyi and adam coates for mentioning me/my writing on their blogs: some required and internettle soup. Adam Coates also plays really good music, people should listen to it. Monday afternoons are always quite dismal. I spend hours reading theory with the tv on mute watching women give birth on baby shows. I like white noise. The genitals are always blurred. I think it is interesting and ironic that women's bodies are unerotic during the birthing process. It is the only context in which women are desexualized, or rather, lack eroticism. Birthing shows are really the only place on television where a woman's body is not portrayed as a 'sex object.' Breasts can be shown at 1:30 pm because they are just breasts, not erotic symbols shouting 'you should be aroused by a naked female body.' A vagina is just a vagina is just a vagina.
Distraction: FAIL. Back to Marx and Debord. Spectacle, what the fuck?