We Are Only Bodies. Maybe.

I have a poetry series published here, on Pangur Ban Party. I really like the name Pangur Ban Party. There are entertaining blurbs related to my poetry here, on DJ Berndt's most excellent blog, Self-Conscious. I am pleased with my poems. I am pleased with Sundays.


  1. "at first I thought the poetry was too dark and blank, then I realized I had two eyepatches on"
    this a blurb that DJ rejected


  2. just so you know
    i really like it

  3. LIES!

    Realize I only post the humorous blurbs.

    Everyone loved your poetry, but I feel like it is arrogant or something to post actual positive praise unless you are trying to make money, which I am not.

    Thank you so much for contributing, Kristen. I sincerely mean that. Your poetry is great and I am honored to have it on PBP.

  4. Thanks Chris, and DJ. If you used the rejected blurb I probably would have laughed and then felt uncomfortable and then embarrassed for taking myself too seriously. Good vibes to you both.