Spring, please.

It is so cold here that I am literally unwilling to get out of bed. I can't find my slippers and my feet and hands are always cold. I need to eat breakfast.

I have very little motivation to do anything. I am writing two take-home exams, (1) 2000-word essay, 1 seminar presentation and reading 3 books for school. I am lying in bed surrounded by sleeping cats and thick blankets.

I am thinking:
my relationship with this city has lasted longer than that with any man
it has been equally tumultuous.
my lover and all of his closest friends don't use their real names, only nicknames, I find this highly symbolic and relevant.
Coraline is no longer being screened in 3-D because the Jonas Brothers 3-D concert experience is now screening. This makes me want to kill someone, specifically, one of the Jonas Brothers, or Dane Cook. Coraline is a really super good movie. I had a huge smile plastered on my face the whole time.
I want to read more Neil Gaiman.
after reading a 4-page sex scene on the subway I felt aroused and found this utterly hilarious.
everyone is de-sexualized on the subway except for me in my little corner, staring at people and laughing at their ignorance like a lunatic
citrus toothpaste mixed with blood tastes like strawberry kool-aid, daiquiris;
something equally girly.
I would like to touch a body tonight
preferably yours.

Movies I have seen in the past week, ordered from most to least enjoyable.

(an unpleasant, beautiful mushroom trip)
(I was screaming at the screen the whole time, so infuriated)
Two Lovers
(I really want to fuck Joaquin Phoenix)
Leaving Las Vegas
(the most depressing movie I have seen in a long time)
The Big Sleep
(one of my favourites, caused me to fall in love with Bogart, Bacall and Hawks)
The Restless Moment
Revolutionary Road
The Reader
Body and Soul

New music that I have enjoyed this past week.

Alela Diane - To Be Still
(we are driving at dusk through forests and you stop the car, suddenly, so that we can take a nap)
Vetiver - Tight Knit
(I will go skinny-dipping with you in quiet rivers and we will make love in a canoe and have picnics and drink warm, summery wines on the shores of lakes and our bodies will be sore and light by the end of it)
Lotus Plaza - Floodlight Collective
(cities are hostile and damp and sweaty and we brush shoulders of boys on pavement who linger against skin seeking proximity and movement)
Wrugs - Braided Grass
(fuck me really hard for 8.5 minutes)

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