What do you want?

I want to...

spoon with Ian Curtis in bed and make him breakfast.
drink whiskey with Tom Waits in an empty bar.
dance with Elliott Smith in an empty parking lot.
nap peacefully with Nick Drake in a sunny field of grass.
swim with Jeff Buckley in a river and sing Led Zeppelin songs together.
have coffee with Leonard Cohen and take walks through deserted parks.

Whenever I am sad I read Beautiful Losers and listen to my favourite men.

I will be listening to this mix tonight. "Descent into Madness?"


hello, darling.

"What we call happiness arises from the fairly sudden satisfaction of pent-up needs. By its very nature it can be no more than an episodic phenomenon. Any prolongation of a situation desired by the pleasure principle produces only a feeling of lukewarm comfort; we are so constituted that we can gain intense pleasure only from the contrast, and only very little from the condition itself. Hence, our prospects of happiness are already restricted by our constitution"

"Yes, we shall not fall out of the world. We are in it once and for all."


  1. I would even drink whiskey a Tom Waits look-a-like in a crowded bar.

    I would even drink whiskey by myself in a basement.

  2. I want to go to a party with Lil' Wayne and wear matching outfits.
    I want Borges to posthumously adopt me as his daughter.
    I want Sam Pink to throw me around a little.
    I want to throw Luke Fishbeck around a little.
    I want to redecorate my room with Matthew Barney.
    I want to go to the bookstore with John Krasinski and make fun of people's winter coats and then go home and take our clothes off.

    Wow this list could just go on and on

  3. i want like. idk. everything i guess.