I saw Watchmen yesterday and thought it was mediocre. The movie version is unnecessary and adds nothing to the experience, except dumbing down shit for the portion of the audience with no patience to actually read the fucking thing. I think Alan Moore's curse worked.

I really want to get another cat and name him/her Bubastis (aka the name of Oxymandias' genetically-engineered super lynx!! Blue-coloured!!)

I really enjoy Adam Coates' music.

I really like Zachary German's face.

Spring has arrived, with rainy days, my favourite. I've been making jewelery, scouring Kensington market for vintage clothes, writing this useless post, editing old and new poems, fighting with ex-boyfriends...anything except writing the last paper on my list. I must work my ass off today so that I can attend the open participation poetry/music jam tonight. I want to be drunk and wet.

I quit smoking.


  1. i am glad you like my music
    i think reading that made my heart beat a little faster or a little stronger
    happy march 9th