I treat men like objects and they treat me like an object.

My roommate broke up with her boyfriend last night so instead of reading Debord, Hutcheon and Benjamin I went to a drag show at our favourite Latin dance club. There's a good combo of straight gay bi trans and everyone is so alive and happy with everybody else and the night was so warm.

Cringe-worthy clichés spurted from the mouths of men

Why are you so sexy? (x4) (demure smiles) (money for 'drinks' slipped in my bra that I saved for cigarette money)
I'm so hard right now (x3) (uh, yeah, I can feel your small dick on my thigh, get your hands off my ass)
Your hair looks really good and it suits you really well (x1) (any comment from a drag queen is cherished)
You're an amazing dancer (x5) (I just like it, who cares) (so are you, shut your mouth)
You're so sexy, I'll give you all the cigarettes you want, want a light, too? (x4) (yes) (barf)
Can I come back to your place? (x3) (get the fuck away from me, I'm just dancing)
I want to massage you from your head to your toes (x3) (cringe) (my boyfriend doesn't dance)
I want your legs wrapped around my face (x2) (my boyfriend writes me songs and is 10x the man you are)
You sound like psychos or lesbians (x1) (the only one who got us right was the cab driver) (the former, not the latter)
What's your tattoo say? (x3) (I like Spinoza and staying in and reading)
You're a little crazy. (x2) (finally)