Un poème et quelques photos.

So terrific. Found via Kanye West's blog, via Fabrik.
Oh yeah, and it's by Gonzalo Benard and called "The Awakening of the Self."

Also, if you dig creepy drone/ambient music, listen to Preslav Literary School's album "Beautiful Was the Time." You can find it at ill-formed.

"Preslav Literary School is found sound, organic drones, tape noise and spoken word. Recording sonic experiments, poetry, birdsong and drones onto cassette tapes and dictaphones, Preslav Literary School then mixes these sources with vintage keyboards, Buddha machines and old transistors in engaging live performances to create layered, improvised soundscapes." -Last.fm blurb


Sublimation & Genesis

When were we trained to suck cock

Is this how Eve responded when the snake
Bit her in the garden?

On her knees sucking life from the animal

Adam jerking himself off in the corner
Whining “she made me do it”

Joking with his sons
“See what I named”
“See what I fucked”

I own everything that has come to me
Seeking order

All they want is to be full of something

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