Sunny apocalypse.

This photo reminds me of a Monty Python sketch or Beatles movie:

I have started listening to Brazilian tropicalia and industrial, two musical genres I know little to nothing about. So I start with the basics. Industrial reminds me that I am dying. Tropicalia reminds me that I have at least 50 summers to enjoy (give or take) before I am actually dead. Encouraging thoughts. Thank god I don`t take myself too seriously. If any one knows much about either, drop me some suggestions. I dig Coil, Throbbing Gristle, Nurse with Wound, Einst├╝rzende Neubauten, Os Mutantes and Caetano Veloso. My interest with industrial is a natural progression, considering how much the genre influenced drone, noise, dark ambient, minimalist-electronica, post-rock. All of which I love. I hate genres.

Today is beautiful. I am going to the park to read Lacan and Freud.

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