The first pleasant dream in months.

Remember those big swings at amusement parks that lift you up in a floating seat and you're twirled in a circular direction with a bunch of other little kids? I was in one of those seats, floating around a huge island, watching people do their shit below me. I rose higher and then descended closer to the ground. I controlled the altitude. I felt completely free. I felt the sun on my face and closed my eyes and ran my hands through the ocean as I skimmed above it.

Then I was masturbating on an old wooden roller coaster with this random dude and I came right when the car paused momentarily at the top of the highest drop.

I spent three days in a huge bathtub with a man, talking about music, listening to the Microphones, singing Neil Young, smoking weed, discussing the state of things, drinking a nice chianti, napping. I'm experiencing intimacy withdrawal. You forgot to handcuff me to the bed.
You never sang me that new song.

I think if I ever have children I will tell them never to major in philosophy. It hurts.

Photos here, A Fotos @flickr.


  1. The transition from young, innocent swing memories to masturbation was excellent.

  2. i had a dream last night that i got in a cab to go home and three guys tried to mug me. at which point i stole one of their guns and shot all three of them in the face. thoughts?

  3. cool dream. was it scary or exhilarating? hhhmmm. re-claiming control in some area of your life from powerful people with illegitimate authority? feelings of impermanence, transience, etc? possible threat from ambiguous and unknown figures/centers of power? aggression and/or combat, with others or internally? and of course, we can't forget the sexual implications of the gun as an obvious phallic symbol. Ha. I'm full of bullshit. Asking me to interpret dreams is asking for an essay of psychobabble.