Let's run away together.

Today, I:
planned a fantasy camping trip
attempted Bollywood dance moves
flirted with the 17-year-old boyshier of my local wine store
drank a bottle of wine
listened to the neighbouring tenants fight and then fuck
had three epic tantrums of the adolescent-aries variety
drove to four different paint stores
smoked half a pack of cigarettes
cried during two different movies
watched John Cusack bleed to death
enjoyed two mediocre orgasms
scowled at well-dressed couples on the streets

I have been bitter, lustful, jealous, insecure and self-loathing all day. Tempered with a sick, almost manic enthusiasm.
How much blood can a person consume before they get sick?


  1. 'enjoyed two mediocre orgasms'


    I didn't post this question, but I google'd your inquiry and this came up:


  2. Haha, I'd like to meet that person...I don't have a fetish for blood, thankfully. I wonder about such things, though. I also cut two of my fingers and they wouldn't stop bleeding so I was sucking the blood off. Gross? Maybe. Why do I share this shit with the internet?