This is pouring rain, this is paralyzed.

There are still some things to be happy about.

Long-johns forgotten by ex-boyfriends and adopted by me.

Friends who bring me expensive burgers and chocolate to cheer me up on days when I have no will to leave my bed, never mind heat up a meal.

Post-gym head buzz and corresponding cigarette.

90's date movies where the girl ends up with the good guy in the end. Singing and dancing along to shitty ska music ensues.

Cats who never leave you because of a private existential crisis. I am cultivating my future persona as crazy-cat lady. Hopefully sexy-crazy.

A new song by Marissa Nadler: "River of Dirt" and a new Andrew Bird album, "Noble Beast."

Images by Zachary Rossman.

back when your face was unfamiliar
we explored bodies like streets

of new exciting cities

and turned wine into water

like private gods

we worshiped idols in secret

constructed delicate temples

not to praise but preserve

sacred things

that night

we floated above crowds

grazed each other in motion

I looked down when
you turned to me
without saying a word

and caught pieces of your face


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