Tell me lies later, come and see me.

Dennis Wilson was a cool dude. He gets it. I want to be there with him, rolling around in the grass half-drunk on cheap wine. The epic beard says everything.

My current playlist.

Wild Is the Wind - Cat Power
Archaic Smile - Wye Oak
We're Both So Sorry - Mirah
Cocktails - Dennis Wilson
Dream Scream - Daniel Johnston
Who? - Mount Eerie with Julie Doiron and Fred Squire
Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping - Grouper
I Felt Your Shape - Microphones
Umbilical - Mazzy Star
Deep Honey - Goldfrapp
I Don't Like it Like This - Radio Dept.
An Orchid - Atlas Sound
Fire - Valet
The Rainbow - Talk Talk
Double Suicide - Sandro Perri
Sleep - Mazzy Star
Re: stacks - Bon Iver

Nothing new here. My musical equivalent of a Sunday afternoon spent sipping chai tea, wrapped in a warm blanket, surrounded by cats while watching an indulgent epic film. Preferably of the romantic tragedy variety.

My head is buzzing due to excessive drugs, too many cigarettes and the smell of you still lingering in my sheets. I sense your ignorance across spaces. I can see you acting out the version of yourself you'd like others to believe in. I am jealous of everyone who can still touch you.

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