I will become this animal, perfectly adapted to the music halls.

Noble Beast - Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird's lyrics are very atypical. Perhaps this has to do with his song-writing process, explained in this blog he wrote for the New York Times. The sometimes erratic lack of melodic uniformity that characterizes "Noble Beast" reinforces the familiar themes Bird continues to explore. I love his preoccupation with science and biology, the chaos and chemistry of the mind and body, our relationship to what is outside of us and the possibility for evolution. His words fit together in clever, delicate ways that remind me of mathematical equations due to their precision. The usual motifs are still present; however, this album feels like Bird traveled back in time and is coming to terms with these realities from a simpler place. The album is a bit of a throwback to pre-"The Mysterious Production of Eggs" releases; less pop, more folk. It’s good, but not spectacular. I really have to get a copy of Useless Creatures, the bonus instrumental album.

Stand-out moments, which are many, include the beginning of "Ellegy," "Oh No," the last 2.5 minutes of "Not a Robot, But a Ghost," "Unfolding Fans" and "Anonanimal." The latter is my favourite song by far.

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