I'll tell you why I don't want to know where you are.

This photo and many beautiful others belong to him.

The song "Spirit Seer" by Abandoned Ships is my latest orgasm.

William Carlos Williams' poem "Paterson" and Bonnie Prince Billy's album "The Letting Go" perfectly complement one another.

I wish I had the balls to take pictures of things I think are beautiful.

I wish I was not composed of a multitude of identities, all stacked and in conflict with one another, pressing against the skin of this chemically imbalanced body.

I wish I could cut little bits from my brain and nail them to the wall.

I wish I was a deep sea animal and I never gave you that cigarette, that one day.

I wish I was here, I wish I was her.

These photos belong to him.

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  1. um, that's definitely the greatest abandoned ships comment ever.

    if i told you the lyrics would it ruin the mystery? i'll do it anyway. i stole them from a few velvet underground songs:

    "dressed in black
    three flights of stairs
    everybody knows sleep

    all covered in sleep
    all the angels scream
    how does it feel to be loved?"

    lou reed wrote well, maybe even better when his words are cut up.