Who's afraid of Gertrude Stein.

Ryan Manning interviewed me. I like interviews. I like being asked random questions and filling out questionnaires and doing quizzes. Ask me anything and I will answer you. And I will probably not lie. The past week has been fucking rough. I never want to pick up Das Kapital again. For at least two weeks, I mean.

Hegel > Marx > Rousseau > Hobbes > Kant > Mill > Locke >...
Hegel doesn't really count as political philosophy.

"My best friends
don't even pass this way again
i think i must have insulted them

i don't want you to cry
i'm just saying goodbye
i don't want you to come
and i don't know why

i never did understand
the words coming out of a man
giving answers to questions
that i didn't ask

count to ten and then i'm just a tool again
you were never no great pretender

i can't go on like this
with a clenched fist
nicotine is even in my dreams"

-Kurt Vile
is amazing
a) he is playing gigs with US Girls and Ducktails
b) my best friends (don't even pass this) (song above) (is one of my favourite songs ever) (but I toss around the words 'favourite' and 'hate' too much) ( my opinion means nothing)
c) his lyrics are simple but wonderful


  1. It is a warm, rainy day. We meet on the street and walk through parks, talking under umbrellas and drinking expensive tea. Intimate concert at a small art gallery. More drinks and discussion at my favourite bar, which is full of candles and art and sleazy vintage furniture. We finish off the night at the lake, walking along the shore in pitch darkness, saying very little, with our shoes off.

  2. in my perfect first date?
    a comfortable vintage tee, a cardigan, a loose flowing skirt, some of my home-made jewelery and my favourite boots, lots of bright colours
    flannel plaid hot shorts and my knee-high knitted moccasin-slippers and a smiths t-shirt

  3. migratory patterns inertia karma stasis fate
    warm beds