Today is the first t-shirt day.

My birthday is on Sunday. My roommate told me to choose whatever random shit I wanted to do. So we are going on a thrift store journey and scouring kensington market for random vintage shit and then having a star trek marathon and drinking whiskey and eating cake and possibly bowling. These are the kind of things I like to do. I will probably wear a dress tomorrow. We were supposed to go camping but due to various circumstances the reservation was postponed for a few weeks from now.
I am really happy right now.
I really really like Kurt Vile & the Violators new EP. It is called "Hunchback EP." You can find it at ill-formed. I seriously suggest you listen to it. I always cry stupidly when the song Losing It comes on. Really fucking beautiful and stuff.
I am reading a lot of Marcuse and Baudrillard. I have fallen in love with Marcuse.

Poem, yo:

skin exposed already
makes me flinch and I
lower my open mouth
onto thick cold scoops
of chocolate soft-serve
and lick the cone
so it softens with my mouth's moisture
and you looking at me
touching your hard cock in the park
under shorts
while I lie in the sun
flicking ants off exposed limbs
scratching mosquito bites

I am going to take a long bath now. All these photos are from flickr people but I am irresponsible and forgot to record exactly who took what. If you know, or whatever, let moi know. But they are not mine.


  1. marcuse re-wired my whole dome-programming a few years ago. 'an essay on liberation' is a life-changer. what are you reading?

  2. Some Social Implications of Modern Technology and Eros and Civilization. I've read One-Dimensional man as well, but I think it deserves a re-read now that I'm more knowledgeable. I'll have to read "an essay on liberation" too, then.

  3. Great poem, and have a great birthday.