John Cayley:
Robert Barry:
Penkiln Burn (thank you, Ryan):

Sina Queyras,
excerpt from "Murmurings, Movements or Fringe Manifesto:"
B: Writing is not a commodity
A: (Unless published).
B: Original is not a commodity
A: (Unless patented).
B: Writing is thinking made visible
A: (Unless it isn't).
B: Original is what you haven't seen
A: (What hasn't been reproduced).
B: Writing is a disordered hum
A: (What is disordered is useless to the market).
B: Original is singing
A: (Recognizable).
B: Writing is always forward
A: ().
B: Original is what you don't recognize
A: (What you don't recognize isn't there).
B: Writing is the space between this
A: (Original is overrated)
B: And this
A: (Is anomaly)
B: Space
A: (Who needs this?)
B: Is only in relation to stopping whereas
A: (Only what is functioning)
B: Persists and
Original is ornery
A: (Of no value on its own).


I'm going camping in a few weekends for my birthday. I'm excited.

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