Three single-scoop ice cream cones in 24 hours

A man with no shirt sits on the curb watching construction workers dig up the road and yells "have another baby" and smiles at a woman holding pamphlets, blocking the sidewalk and she smiles back at him, very warm, very sincere. A man is sitting cross-legged on the ground and paints ugly pictures on cardboard and he has a sign next to him that reads "homeless please give change for art supplies." A man in the subway tunnel sings "mama take this badge off of me, I can't use it anymore, its getting dark too dark for me to see" and I feel sad and desperate and run to catch the train. The man who dresses like Santa Claus and stands in front of the Ossington liquor store doesn't ask for money anymore. We buy wafflecakes in Chinatown and almond red bean cakes in Koreatown. We stroll along warm streets and eat ice cream on the beach and strawberries on the streetcar and we throw the leafy parts out the windows to hit passing cars and I roll around on my blanket with my feet on hot sand and read Faulkner but the sun gives me vertigo. My bare legs are flushed red and the sky darkens and stuck at the red light a group of old men in a cafe smile and wave at us with their beers and Sandy says "they look like they were in a band together and the one in the back with the crazy hair was the drummer" and the sky starts to bleed rain and the streets are soaked and my skin is wet and moist and we run home from the beach to eat samosas and comfort hungry cats.

"My only thought is a complicated simplicity. Complicate your life as much as you please, it has got to simplify." -Gertrude Stein