Today is a pretty amazing day, except for Miley Cyrus playing on my Mom's radio and her manic window cleaning resulting in heavy vinegar-spring smells. Meh.
[Disclaimer: The following paragraph is a silly departure from my usual blog subjects, but fuck it]
I love my siblings. They are some of the most interesting people I know. Ali and I went to the giant craftstore yesterday and I got a bunch of materials for these little art projects I've been wanting to do. We also went to the BEST Value Village, and I purchased a bright red vintage luggage bag for 2 bucks (I have the same one in blue and I bought it for 40 from a boutique in Kensington in TO) and...wait for it...2 vintage (1978) Star Trek puzzles!!! They are so epic. I'm thinking I'll matte and frame them and put them up in my new kitchen come September. Nerd-kitsch-vintage decor - - my favourite. The horrible thing about chain thrift stores in Toronto is that good things are snatched up immediately by hipsters who then re-sell such items for 4 times the cash at their trendy vintage boutiques. Things like that don't happen in suburbia.
I watched "The Blind Side" yesterday against my will and actually liked it. But, as per usual when I'm watching movies with the fam, horribly obvious manipulative-measures are used that my family is oblivious to. So I add my running commentary and inevitably, recieve a lot of eye rolls from my conservative step-dad who is "just trying to enjoy the movie." The main thing that bothered me is the fact that the "projects" were filmed in green and black sepia-ish tones while the "white" spaces were literally full of fucking sun and peaches and happiness. The film seems to lack self-awareness of the crazy dichotomy it sets up between these two spaces. And I understand that there are horrible differences between black and white America, based on how the system functions. But not all black people in America are sitting on the curb sharpening knifes and threatening female passerbys. There's just no space for liminality between the racial boundaries of this film.

So yes. Just sayin'. Happy Easter.Oh god, the Backstreet Boys are playing on the radio now (and non-ironically). What is going on.


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  4. that's funny, especially with this array of comments, it creates a picture.

    yeah, watching stuff with the family can be weird- someone will inevitably say something that just sounds dischordant and you think (if not say) "uh, really? have you thought about what you said just now?"

  5. Miley..Backstreet..oh no!


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  8. What the fuck is up with the all of the FUCKING SPAM?!

  9. Dude, I have no idea. I've surrendered to its will and I'm keeping it there

  10. I fucking hate the goddamn spam....I get some on my blog too and everytime I see it want to spit at the fucking screen.