Good morning. Kind of. Hopefully for you, at least.
I'm feeling tired. Last night I watched Breakfast at Tiffany's while doing work, which cheered me up. I always cry and fall in love with that writer, and when she finds her cat at the end and they kiss in the rain...phew...I can't even stand it. I'm incredibly sappy. And then I watched a bunch of youtube videos of Gene Kelly dancing and singing all over the fucking place like a maniac. I love musicals, non-ironically. Sheer pleasure.
I stopped taking my meds so I'm feeling a little out of it, although really not much more than usual. First stop meds, second stop cigarettes. I want to be free of chemicals and full of sun.
My flash fiction is in the April decomP. I named it "Innocence and Panic" from the first section of Scenes From a Marriage. I guess it was kind of inspired by Bergman, or something.

Innocence and Panic at decomP

Happy day of celebrating Jesus' brutal murder, by the way. My mood is appropriate to the occasion
. I would rather be in any one of these sexy libraries:


  1. That first one is awesome.

  2. Your story is great. Intense and vivid. I'm feeling a bit melancholy now, but in a good, numbing way.

    My apartment is starting to look like those libraries... the clutter can be a bit unnerving and the threat of avalanche is constant, but it still comforts me; lots of old friends, enemies, adventures, joys and tragedies are stacked up in this hole. I need more shelves.

  3. I love the last photograph.

    However, that stair ladder thing looks dangerous.

    I think I would have coitus at the top of it though.

  4. Enjoyed your story in decomP. This was powerful for me: "I opened my eyes and felt the water sounds pound in my ears."


  5. You're amazing. Please write a book.