I'm feeling really exhausted, of everything. It's hard to put things in perspective because, obviously, I've done nothing but write papers the last 3 weeks and I have one left and my brain is sore. And I'm not taking care of myself, my body is falling apart. I haven't left my boyfriend's apartment since Tuesday. I need to go out and breath and buy some fruit and make a smoothie and stop being on the internet. I am so tired of being inundated with information but its like I compulsively seek it out when I need my brain to stop thinking about misrecognition and fracturing and Kushner's fault lines of creation. Doesn't anybody get sick of shit, the parade of fucking naked girls online, the fucking disaffected irony of things, the constant updates, the endless google reader-wheel, the making-of-plans, the mutual masturbation of facebook? I want to be out in-the-world but I don't want it to be full of people. I'm really sick of blogging too, I feel like this is a waste of time, but - I compulsively do it anyways. Habits die hard.
ps. I put on comment moderation because of all the spam. Its really irritating to me.

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1 + 5 unknown
2 sacha heron
3 baubauhaus
4 a journey around my skull


  1. It's def ok to get the fuck away from the net. I need to moreso myself.

  2. down with the net! long live the net!

    (i like the third pic down, the decoherent black ticker-tape vaginal thing)

  3. Heh heh

    Isn't it crazy how the flow of too much information quietens the mind? I too am a fan of this, especially wikipedia, I start from the top of a random topic and read, then randomly click the next word/link in the next sentence as soon as I find the current topic boring, and this can turn into a hour of random, usless, important, distractions.

    Hats of too ya.

    And, ps, don't stop blogging, I adore your mind on screen, I am a avid fan and have been for a long time.