Drunk and sad with a crush and a grudge.

It must have been hard to exit the womb
with your hands clenched so tight
already fighting against walls
that only wanted to protect you

I cannot waltz through these doors,
like you can.

I tried to dance but my legs and my tongue
periodically abandon
the rules of nerve centers

your body learns to move because it must.

I am not so invincible to escape the placenta
and the mediocrity of perfection
or sleep,

the pain of god telling me:
accept the emptiness of your vagina.
and Lacan telling me:
accept the emptiness of the words that describe your physiology

escape routes are still closed to me and
My raging hormones
and gender-bending,
my body's desire

is very open
for you to describe
with pretty
you learned in text books

adapt me to suit a song
then leave me like you found me

you ought to be proud that I'm getting good marks.


  1. That was gorgeous, and nice Elliot Smith reference at the end.

  2. I liked that a lot. "accept emptiness of the words that describe your physiology" hot damn