When I was in grade 10 I used to spend my first period class at the mall doing laps and drinking coffee with the old people who used the empty space (before the stores opened) as a a gym/community breakfast spot. Because I was a weird loner hippie who would rather talk to old people about old movies than suffer in the company of people my own age. Or...I would write lists to distract myself from the useless math shit coming out of my teachers mouth (in French, no less). I would always write 2 lists, 'Things that are good about today' and 'Things that suck about today' to put my angst in proper perspective.

Things that suck about today

I have 20 dollars left in my bank account
I must quit smoking after this pack is done
I have to get up early tomorrow
I have to look for jobs on Monday
The weather is shit
I have to write a seminar presentation tomorrow

Things that are good about today

I am in close proximity to a sexy, intelligent man not wearing pants
I have some Fassbinder, Lynch and Cronenberg to watch
Salmon for dinner
Orange sherbet in a sugar cone previously consumed
Friends who will help me out in my state of being poor
Half-drunk bottles of wine yet to be consumed
3 well-deserved orgasms
The giant cat thing with evil eyes in the video game 'Castle Crashers'

I am lame, I know, its cool, yo.


  1. I hope that was said with plenty of good will and no scorn. :)

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  4. No scorn, possibly a slight smirk though.