"Everyone is disappointing. The more you know someone...this whole romantic love thing, its just a projection anyway, right."

"-The end is built into the beginning.
-God, you're just perfect.
-I'm a mess, but we fit.

-Synecdoche New York

"I fucking hate people." -me.


  1. I agree that people are disappointing, but perhaps you might want to adjust your expectations. Expect nothing and what you will receive will be golden. Hard and depressing concept, I know, but it's the only way I've managed not to beat the shit out of someone.

    The end is always in the beginning.

  2. For sure. I was just ranting due to an argument. I don't actually hate people at all, I'm secretly an optimist, which makes it impossible for me to lower my expectations and thus I will be perpetually disappointed. But I accept that.

  3. What really disappoints me about people is how often we listen to one another. If we just paid the slightest bit of attention then maybe we wouldn't be so miserable.

    The following conversation regarding music took place last night with this girl I met:

    Me: Are you open minded?
    her: yes, I listen to a lot of stuff.
    Me: Do you like world music?
    her: No, I mostly listen to folk...

    I just walked away.

  4. Its hard to pay attention, people are so boring. It would be easier to pay attention if people werent so disappointing. Its like a vicious circle.