{disclaimer: procrastination time. head hurts. too much nicotine, not enough naked man. too much work, not enough sleep.}
I feel overwhelmed right now.
I have a new job that involves writing and editing very dense material at home for hours. I enjoy it but I feel intellectually exhausted.
I got into all the grad schools I applied to. I decided I'm moving to Western for the Theory and Criticism program. That means I'll only be in Toronto for this summer. Get me while you can. I'm excited, mainly to get my own place and move and be someplace new. Big changes are good for me. I also have dispensible income for the first time in my life, so I've been buying art all over the place.
I have to write 1) A paper on Merleau-Ponty and language. Thinking of throwing some Wittgenstein in there for good measure 2) Harryette Mullen and hybrid subjectivity/resistance of woman-as-poet-muse 3) something that combines emily dickinson with angels in america, bloch, benjamin (konvolut n) and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (I'm lost on that one) and 4) something to do with transgender theory.
Check out Brandi Strickland, the art above belongs to her and the rest of her work is really excellent. I'm not yet sure which prints to purchase, although I'm thinking the entire dark crystal series.
{I feel a high degree of internal peace that is encased and preserved by extreme external chaos. I like the feeling of external pressure, it keeps me from sabotaging myself. Anxiety is often produced by sheer boredom so I need to constantly challenge myself. I'm really happy with everything. I feel blessed.}


  1. Congratulations on grad school. After abandoning my PhD just last year, I recently applied to new programs. So far, rejected from UPenn, and on the wait list at Temple, who will probably reject me in a few days. I may apply to a few programs in Canada next year, which will hopefully be more welcoming than the Continental-hating programs in the US. I bought something by Strickland a few weeks ago. Her work is dope, probably gonna buy more.

  2. Congratulations on all these great news!

    I always wondered how people could fall for 'their stars', for people they don't know, and almost certainly will never get to know. Fictional characters, really.
    Well, in a way you're 'my star', and an awesome fiction.

  3. What a compliment, thank you!

  4. these pieces are very beautiful.