Feeling grand. Spending this Saturday night browsing etsy for art, watching Star Wars, drinking hot chocolate and reading Merleau-Ponty in periodic spurts. Everything is so good right now I'm kind of suspicious.
A poem of mine has been published in the Toronto Quarterly journal, which I absolutely love. If you have some extra cash and would like to support Darryl Salach, the founder and editor, and us, the writers, you can buy the e-book or a print copy from here: link. I'll post a free .pdf in the right column later, although its not the same, y'all. Or, those of you who live in Toronto - go get it at one of 3 Bookcity locations in the city. I have a love/hate relationship with Bookcity, but I do admit, its one of the only places in TO that has a wide variety of lit mags and journals.


  1. Never trust happiness!

    Congrats on the pub.

    My word verification was "colisms."

  2. being suspicious is key. being glib also helps. trust me. i'm a talking rat.