Sometimes I feel very tired of accumulation, of life as layered surfaces that can stifle or comfort. Living is moving between layers of fabric, some thick like wool or glass and others so thin you can pull them up and away from you like dried skin off a scab. Recently I've been feeling like I'm moving through textured surfaces and constantly pulling back layers to get a better view. I want to be sun-drenched. I want thunderstorms. I feel happy but overwhelmed so I want to stay indoors and be in bed with my cats all day. That's all I have to say for now. I feel very private.

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  1. i've been feeling this way lately.
    minus the cats.

  2. That was beautiful, and I know the feeling.

  3. I guess loneliness and confusion is a part of everyones life, its just important to grasp the moments of true happiness