Bored Dylan.
Nietzsche tattoo.
Man on man.
I knew that my choice to go out and be drunk yesterday night would backfire on me today. I'm almost done a 3000 word paper due tomorrow morning. I started it on Friday. Its been very tedious. I am sitting at my boyfriend's desk surrounded by recording equipment. He has an electronic drum kit and a really old school synthesizer. His apartment is above a goodwill store and we always rummage through the stuff people drop off at night. Last time we went he bought a light-bright box for 2 bucks. In the other room, Godfather 2 is playing at a subdued volume. Someone just had a baby. There are people yelling outside and breaking things. I find that a lot of people talk about masturbation on their blogs, as though this is the new measure of authenticity. Cool, I guess. It is Valentine's day and I only gave one blow job. He's at work right now so we're postponing the sex and smokes fest until tomorrow.

Sorry for boring you. This blog is my friend first and foremost and I need a neutral space right now.

All pictures were stolen from this person's tumblr.


  1. Great v-day post...only one bj? I am certain that minimum number on v-day is 3. Yes, that's it. 3.

  2. I know, right? Well, I didn't get much sweet sex love either and we were both doing work all day. So today...is sex day. Like every day, for me, though. Fuck I'm tired and not being very articulate.

  3. It's funny...I still remember how in grade 8 this chick gave this other guy in the class a blogjob for Valentine's and we couldn't believe it, b/c we were all so young at the time. Then one day, oral just became so commonplace. Funny how our subjective takes and feelings about sex suddenly change, yet do so with a togetherness with others our age, like an intersubjective zeitgeist or something.

    That's a fuckin' wicked Nietzsche tattoo. I was thinking recently about what a really good one would look like, and if there are many people out there who've had it done.

  4. openly discussing masturbation is a measure of honesty

  5. Its cool. Its not the only measure of honesty though. I'm just getting bored of opening up my google reader and reading three different versions of "just to let you know I'm a really honest person and I woke up this morning and jerked off a few times"

    I still love you Ryan Manning.

  6. I stumbled across your blog, darling. It's glorious. Truly, inspiring. Please visit my personal blog sometime, follow if you'd like.

    Afternoon Tea:

  7. First time I heard about V-day BJs. That's what I call a decent tradition. Makes me consider moving to Canada. :)

    BTW, I don't really get the difference between "I only gave one blowjob" and "I jerked off a few times" ...well, in terms of 'honesty', at least.

  8. The mere mention of a blowjob don't half generate the comments. Damn it! I've fallen into the trap...