Just watched this film "Taxidermia" by th Hungarian director György Pálfi. It was really amazing. Amazing ideas, visualization, production. I'm going to write a long review of it at some point when I get the opportunity to watch it again. If you're a fan of darkly humourous, surrealist, generally fucked-up "horror" cinema, please please watch it. It's not so much a genre film so its not easily classified as "horror," but it is disturbing. And there is lots of body-grossness-awesomeness going on. Fuck. Another item on my list-of-things-to-write-about-purely-for-the-sake-of-enjoyment. A friend of mine is also interested in assembling essays on Mad Men (for a book, not for a book, for pleasure, whatever). The idea has nestled itself in the back of my brain and I'd like to write something on that, too.


  1. For some reason that made me think of this:

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    I guess Poe beat me to it

    And you never even told me I was a cliche!

    P.S our nostalgia of letter. I would hope so