Impossible cool.

(some of the most amazing melt-worthy portraits of)
James Dean, Cary Grant, Kerouac, Tom Waits, Marlon Brando, Hemingway, Bowie (that I have ever seen. So many of my favourite men in one place is overwhelming). This is my new favourite site: the impossible cool.


  1. Not huge on the Marlon Brando, all this post needs is Redford and Newman and it is 12 out of 10, two above the awesome scale.

    Hemingway with his Hemingway cat is awesome.

  2. On the Waterfront 1954-ish Brando is my favourite Brando so I couldn't exclude it. I did, however, strategically leave out Newman and Redford, though excellent pictures of them are included on the site where I got the others.

    HEMINGWAY CAT + epic beard + wine = yes.

  3. Yeah Hemingway has the greatest beard ever.

    He definitely "beardspires" my facial hair.

    Bowie makes those suspenders look so cool.

    Cary Grant's swagger is amazing.

    I did see the Newman picture, it wasn't great.

    However, Redford is a hunksicle and no I am not gay or bi, haha.

  4. do you have a tumblr yourself? i quoted you on my tumblr awhile back. didn't think to ask if you had one then.

  5. No I don't. you quoted me? I feel pretty special right about now.

  6. Ugh! I can't wait to get my laptop back. Having to use the Net at my local library sucks. Its software is so outdated that you can't do basic things. I tried commenting yesterday, but for some reason, it couldn't load the comments on your page, but it could on others. Weird.

    James Dean has got to be the coolest of them all. He must, since I say that with complete and utter disdain for the tobacco industry.