I feel like the city is not-so-quietly disintegrating!
Mel's Diner went bankrupt! This is the place I used to eat at almost every day, dirty as fuck but delicious greasy all-day breakfast on Bloor open 24/7 for the past 40 years and the most delicious montreal smoked meat.
Pages Bookstore is being shut down and replaced with a McDonald's! What the fuck? Pages is one of the best bookstores in Toronto. There are already a myriad of McDonald's dominating Queen street corners. There's one half a block away at Spadina.
Everything is closing.
Everyone is being a sketch-bag.
The streets are full of garbage.
News people are telling citizens to stay away from emergency garbage dump sites because they are now festering with disease and rodents.
Fruit flies are taking over.
I feel really lost.
I know I'm a wreck when all that centers me in my life is Lacan.
Everything that saves me also destroys me, eventually.

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  1. This post makes me sad. Not a cry my eyes out sad, but a deep, pressing not so easy to express melancholy. Things will turn around. I hope.