A few things.

Humble blogger that I am, I think you should all contact DJ Berndt to get a copy of the first Pangur Ban Party chapbook, "Doubts I Love". If you email him with your name and address he will send you a copy for free. Support some good writers, read some good work by talented people: Jillian Clark, Crispin Best, Chris East, Ryan Manning, David Fishkind, Adam Showalter, Glen Binger, Adam Coates, DJ Berndt and, of course, myself (no new material from me though, I was too swamped). For more info + contact, DJ's blog is here and PBP online is here.

I got a job today. Sadly the first thing I thought of post-interview cigarette was "well, I may not have a life but at least I can afford that bondage equipment and fancy dildo I was looking at, plus splurge on some over-priced critical theory texts for next year." I will no doubt become the over-sexed potty-mouthed girl who doesn't smile enough, the slot I usually slide into at any workplace.

Things that have made me happy recently:
Universal Studios Florida (music)
The GrĂ¼ne Zitadelle by Hundertwasser (architecture)
Kiss of the Spider Woman (film) (I might possibly write a huge paper on this one, using theories from Haraway, Foucault and Irigaray)

Happiness is a warm warm gun.

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