King Khan and BBQ Show, HEALTH, the Dead Science, No Age, Little Girls, Priya Thomas, Cold Cave, Crystal Antlers are the bands I saw live this weekend for NXNE. One thing I love and hate about this city is the sheer amount of life and activity that makes it impossible for me to justify sitting at home watching science fiction movies or reading philosophy. I generally feel obligated to be a young person, to live some sort of life that will look or sound good when I'm recounting my youth to children 30 years from now. Sometimes youth is oppressive, but sometimes my feeling obligated to go out and be a part of things works in my favour and *surprise* I feel a part of something lovely. When it comes to music, I love being in it and arguing with new people about the different forms of nostalgia produced by the music of Girl Talk vs. Boards of Canada (fuck, is that even a question? People are stupid).

Despite having read 700+ pages of Foucault in the past few weeks, digging into the Lacan makes me yearn to be back in the middle of Foucault's exhaustive but straightforward account of the history of ancient Greek sexuality. Right in the thick of volume 2 when life was more simple and the big O Other and little o and the jouissance and the mirror stage and the love and the One are not combatting concepts in my brain. If anyone wants to help guide me through Lacan's seminar on feminine sexuality (book XX) please, yes.


  1. I just had a really funny conversation about Lacan, but I don't think I could explain why it was funny. My summer project was to read Ecrits, but then I got a million other books and kind of forgot about psychonalysis :(

    I need to build my reading habits up.

    By the way, your remix is up:



  2. Oh, and people have opposed Boards and Girl Talk? I suppose I'd pick Girl Talk, but there you are...

  3. The argument was that BOC and Girl Talk are very similar because they both invoke nostalgia. Meh, I (kind of) agree, but prefer Boards of Canada over Girl Talk anyday.

  4. i once drove from colorado to new york and back again listening to boards of canada only

  5. It's an interesting opposition, I hadn't thought of it before... I suppose the difference is that Girl Talk is made up of recognizable signifiers, while listening to Boards means something that is evoked rather than set up. I don't know what that means.

    Is there any good analysis of the evocative and how it relates to the sign? Because it suggests, but doesn't tell.