Hot magic.

After dancing for a considerable amount of time around my apartment listening to Of Montreal and frightening the shit out of my cats, I have settled down to gush about the beauty that is my life right now and enjoy my fifth cigarette of the day. The temperature is 34 degrees downtown and everything is very sticky and lucid, everyone is moving slower but in happy directions. I spent an hour in a local hardware store in Little Italy explaining what I needed to a charming Italian man who spoke very little English. I like hearing people speak different languages. Everyone who came into the store spoke Italian to the man and his voice was beautiful and fluid and rough around the edges. I'm actually looking forward to next year now that I possibly have a great roommate set up. I am looking forward to camping this weekend with the marvelous boyfriend. Playing poker and strategic board games, guitar on the beach while the sun comes up, lots and lots of sex and much literature and maybe skinny dipping in Georgian Bay if I can get away with it.

I have nothing much to say but lots of joy about it. I'm going to go read feminist literature in a cold bath.

(Oh and aren't these men possibly the coolest-looking people you have ever seen? Maybe? 1 and 2. Fuck I need to get my body to Florence. Men and women are no longer built like they used to be).

"Just to look at her is god."