Pasolini retrospective entitled "The Poet of Contamination" at the Cinematheque July-August!
Orgasms ensue. Too bad I'll be semi-migrant those months. Spending a week or two in New York City, most likely. Today, though, it is lovely outside my living room window. Hopefully some more thunderstorms will happen today, because I just got a giant job to do for work and will spend the next day holed up, writing. Candles and Ceremony's new album Rocket Fire, infrequent Gravity's Rainbow breaks and cats sleeping in lazy piles on an unfinished canvas. I'm also going to watch Catherine Breillat's Anatomy of Hell. Any film with the following character list:
The Woman
The Man
Blow-job lover 1
Blow-job lover 2
Man in bar
Boy with bird
Little girl playing doctor
Little boy playing doctor (2)
Pharmacist 1
Pharmacist 2...is quite possibly my cup of tea, if only for the fucked-up Bataille-ish drama I'm expecting.
Art is from Zak Smith's page-by-page illustrations of Gravity's Rainbow.


  1. Say hi when you are in NYC

    otto (at) ottomattiq (dot) com


    My word verification was "exiddle"

  2. The whole question of what to do when cats are sleeping on the art works really proceeds back to some deeper questions the answers to which will perhaps come clearer once you are able to pause reflectively and consider those words that will be tattooed upon your person, should you choose to tattoo them.

    (So who's this otto character in whose exiddling footsteps your phenomenologically disoriented following keeps finding itself?)

    Oh no -- "clingsti"!! The oracle must die!