Elizabeth Weinberg's photography makes me want to be away and in the country, in clean lake water, free to go topless, free enough to make eye contact with people.


  1. Fantastic pictures - make me want to dive and swim and simply luxuriate in cool clean water.

  2. Dayum, these photos are melting my mind. Lovely lovely lovely.

    My word verification was "bless." No lie.

  3. Wow, talk about a mental holiday. These pics make me feel miles away in cool streams and rainy days. Thanks for the escape from my gray office cell :)

    Check out my blog;)

  4. it's so beautiful...
    can't wait to make my first trip to the beach this summer vacay

  5. i thought about it and it doesnt bother me that you suddenly appeared in my sphere on the exact same day i wrote home to kathleen telling her i swore i saw candace earlier that day. strange, but things like this seem to happen to me a lot lately.

    lets close the gap // your virtual space is inspiring, philosophy and cunning photography go well with my cup of yogi tea at this exact moment

  6. good, I'm glad :)
    That is strange. Life is strange. I wonder what Candace is up to.
    I hope you are well, enjoy that tea.