I have become remarkably good at zoning out, at least when I am in dire need of a good head space. Thanksgiving is such a gong show. I love my sister's voice and her high-pitched laugh. Driving in the dark and the sheen of your hair in the lamp lights. My cold fingers burnt on a mug of lemon tea. The pattern of puddles on a country road.

I am reading Ulysses which is wonderful. My life is extremely busy. I have started by PhD work and it is so fun and fulfilling but overwhelming all at the same time. I work a lot during the day and the last few minutes before I fall asleep I read a few pages of Joyce, and the world clears up a little bit. Is it strange that I use Ulysses to clear my head? I will keep track of my favourite quotes and put them in a wallet so that on rainy days I can look at them and feel a little more peaceful.

Happy thanksgiving.


  1. Whoa that is awesome you're working on a PhD.

    I got a hard cover copy from Balfour Books on College, I should read it.

    My favourite quote from a book lately, has been the last sentence in the Great Gatsby.

    So what is new with you besides your academic boners of awesome?

  2. I love the way you write. Googling Ondaatje borought me here :)