Thesis is finally done. In an attempt to ease back into blogging, I'm going to be doing posts like this every once and a while, where I can share things that have been occupying my imaginative and creative headspace. These are things that have inspired me in the last few days.

“Our work of love should be to reclaim masculinity and not allow it to be held hostage to patriarchal domination. There is a creative, life-sustaining, life-enhancing place for the masculine in a non-dominator culture. And those of us committed to ending patriarchy can touch the hearts of real men where they live, not by demanding that they give up manhood or maleness, but by asking that they allow its meaning to be transformed, that they become disloyal to patriarchal masculinity in order to find a place for the masculine that does not make it synonymous with domination or the will to do violence."

- Bell Hooks from The Will to Change (really digging this lady recently)

“So yes
I will gladly take on your ocean
just to swim beneath you
so I can kiss the bends of your knees
in appreciation for the work they do
keeping your head above water”

- Mike McGee

 Cocoa Island Hotel.
 Iain Macarthur.
 Ideal writing/living/creating/sexing spot.
Dazed and Confused Oct.11 Photographed by Matt Stone.

Does Feminism Have a Glass Ceiling?
Interesting, problematic.
The Gender Trap pt. 2.
(Gotta love the CBC. Its become a kind of tradition for myself and my partner when we're driving. We're basically like old people.)
Zoe Smith being a badass lady fighter.
I care not for the Olympics but think this lady is awesome.
The Thinking Housewife tries to tarnish the legacy of Sally Ride with a surrealy homophobic eulogy.
David Futrelle's usual brand of cutting critique. I love this man.

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  1. man, you know I haven't been on the site as much as usual when I don't immediately drop you a line- sorry! Looking forward to future stuff! If you wanted to let me know what it means to be male, that'd be a big help (uh, only half kidding)