One fun thing I like about working at the library is finding scraps of paper and peoples private lives in books; inscriptions, lists, notes in the margin. I have been collecting "found papers" since I was 14. I have a binder, a box, and a notebook full of other peoples random trash. I don't know why I find it so interesting. Tonight's lists:

quit sdtt
alone time
quit gf
more alone time/cry
gain confidence
work out
stand up to family
find yourself
get priorities/goals

the only thing with a check mark beside it is the first item.
this one makes me feel that everyone everywhere is exactly the same and want the same things when they think no one is reading. and to put "find yourself" on a to-do list is ridiculous, stupid, charming, sad and lovely.
i don't know what sdtt is.

pity/fear - green
catharsis - green
hero - yellow
ontology - blue
truth - red


  1. beautiful header

    and great that comment function works again.

  2. Pretty cool, kind of post secretesque, but, not lame like post secret.

    I tend to send my thoughts to far off destinations or write personal blogs about them and allude to the people. That kind of got me in trouble though with this girl and her friend, that choose to read my blog. I don't think I ever sent you that long entry.

  3. It's interesting you keep scraps of paper in library books. I find that in an electronic age, it's difficult to find anything that has actual sentimental value. I've kept all my cards (birthday, holiday, get-well) since I was a child. It brings me back a lot of memories seeing a hand-written note.