I went to this gallery on Queen West yesterday with a giant illustrated installation in the front window, a scene with a giant cat being corralled by tiny hunters. The image is really lovely and whimsical. Here are some other interesting illustrations by the same artist, Kozyndan, a seemingly awesome duo.

Click for bigger images and all illustrations are copyright and sourced from their website and flickr. I think octopi are going to be my next power animal. I also really like Fenando Vincente.

School has started and I love every one of my classes. This semester, Contemporary Poetry and Poetics, Literature and Philosophy and a bad-ass philosophy seminar called "Life, Death, Absurdity and Meaning" with the lovely prof who indirectly compelled me to get a Spinoza quote tattooed on my arm. Next semester, Hegel, 20th century continental philosophy and gender and transgender theory, taught by the transgendered head of the philosophy department who periodically comes to university as a woman. I have to start writing statements of interest for grad applications. I have to get shit done.

The way that Tom Waits sings "come closer, look deeper, you've fallen fast" makes me melt and fall in love. Dead and Lovely is such a sexy sexy song.

I'm writing a lot of stuff. I feel like there is too little life and too much to do. I want to spend a day watching Antonioni and Jodorowsky films.


  1. If I was in a transgenderama department with those course offerings I would not have dropped out. What's the Spinoza quote? What's the reading list for 'Life, Death, Absurdity, Meaning'?

  2. We start with the Stoics (Epictetus), then Epicurus, and then selections from Leibniz, Parfit, Barrow and Tipler, Schopenhauer, Nagel, Camus, Taylor, Nietzsche, Levinas, Sartre, Ayer, Nozick, Tolstoy, Heidegger, and a little Spinoza. The quote is "omnis determinatio est negatio" every determination is also a negation...from a letter he wrote to Leibniz.

  3. What's a "statement of interest?" I've never heard that term before.

  4. That reading list makes me wish I was doing a fifth year. And then maybe a sixth. The art you linked is beautiful, too.