Don't just stand there, do something. Or, musical gems of early '09.

I just got my virtual hands on a shitload of Pocahaunted releases, and I am supremely happy as a result. This includes the new LP, Gold Miner’s Daughter, the b-side of which is a live track. They release a lot of their music on cassettes. Compared to Island Diamonds, Gold Miner’s Daughter is a lot less harsh. The album sounds tribal and dark (all of their music does) but less alarmingly urgent than previous releases. The songs predictably build up from soft, lush beginnings into muddy, reverb-heavy, psychadelic drone masterpieces. My favourite song by far is the middle track, “Sun.” It starts off like the score from an old horror movie and builds into a meandering lament, for whatever, the sun, perhaps? What I really love is the violin that drags in and out, mingling with their looped, hazy voices. Seriously, if you listen to Pocahaunted while you sleep you will have fucked up dreams. I guarantee it.

I also (finally!!) found the Ducktails Beach Point Pleasant 7” and Acres of Shade EP. This music is so tactile for me. “White House With Green Shutters,” side one of the latter release (a lot of their stuff is only released on cassette), quite literally sounds like the musical equivalent of waves crashing against the shore and back out to sea again. At 2:50, this rhythm is disrupted and begins to change shape…the initial undulations become increasingly distorted until everything cools down at 5:00 and the song takes on an entirely new texture. Like we were sitting outside on the beach, started to move towards the house after three minutes and stepped in the door at 5 minutes. That initial rhythm sustains itself quietly in the background, supporting new sounds, like an echo of the first part of the song. And then at 8:00…musical orgasm ensues. This song is just perfect. All of their songs are perfect. The song “Beach Point Pleasant” is reminiscent of Animal Collective (earlier AC though) and Lemon Jelly. The Acres of Shade EP reminds me of the more minimalist Atlas Sound releases, particularly Weekend EP. I can’t wait to listen to Ducktails all summer.

Besides. Who doesn't want to be reminded of this classic television production, a la early 90's?
When I was a kid I had a crush on the rugged, broad-chested one. Who didn't. Geeez. Also, Darkwing Duck and that one dude from TaleSpin. I was a fucked up kid.

I listened to the first Grizzly Bear album last night. It’s called Horn of Plenty. I was surprised at how different it is from Yellow House. I almost prefer it, or perhaps it just suits my musical tastes a little better. It’s a lo-fi record, less glossy, less epic, under-stated. Just how I like my music. Speaking of Grizzly Bear, gorillavsbear has some great new shit, including a new song, “Cheerleader,” and Dan Rossen’s solo acoustic recording of "Deep Blue Sea," which I really dig.

And finally…debut Lotus Plaza album “The Floodlight Collective” is coming out on March 23rd. Lockett Pundt I love you!! He’s one of the Deerhunter dudes, all of whom are completely awesome. And, regardless of how much I love Bradford, it just so happens that most of my favourite Deerhunter songs happen to be creations of Lockett, not Bradford. Aka, "Strange Lights," "White Ink" and "Little Kids." You can find some of his previous solo recordings (“Dot Gain” is dope) here.

Can you tell I'm procrastinating?

ps. I LOVE the movie "The Pick-Up Artist." Even the man-boy version of Robert Downey Jr. with little to no facial hair is super fucking sexy. Go watch it! Embrace the 80's and versions of men no real person can live up to!

Have a marvelous day.

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